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I am a language editor and proofreader dedicated to precision and polish: a textual healer.


When I edit, my goal is always to bring out the true meaning of the text. I find the most precise words so that you as the writer say exactly what you want to say. I use my language skills (German and French), English as a Second Language teaching experience, and natural empathy to understand what you mean, and write it the way you would have wanted to: clearly, correctly, and a pleasure to read.

When I proofread, I let my love of perfection guide me. I’m detail oriented, and in proofreading the details are everything. I can't guarantee perfection, but it's always my aim.

On Message

You know what you want to express. I make sure that message gets across to your readers, clients, and customers.

Whether English is your first, second, or sixth language, you know the importance of choosing the right words to say what you mean. As an experienced EFL teacher and Toastmaster, English editor, and voracious reader, I can find those right words.

On Words is a one-woman team, offering you the personal service you and your message deserve.

On Track

Are you launching your business? Are you applying for your dream job? Are you submitting your PhD thesis or applying for a grant? You know you've got what it takes to succeed —don't let grammar or spelling mistakes lessen your chances.

On Screen

On Words can help you wherever words matter to your audience — whether it is to copy-edit the English version of your web site, improve the PowerPoint slides for your next presentation, or make sure your marketing slogans are not lost in translation. No job is too small because every word counts.

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